The Board of Telix Pharmaceuticals recognises that an effective and efficient governance framework provides a solid structure for transparent decision making and is fundamental to the sustainability of our business and long-term performance.

In keeping with this, the Board embraces principles it considers to be best practice internationally, and uses the guidance provided by the ASX Corporate Governance Council as a focus for the development and continuous improvement of the Company’s governance framework, policies and practices.

Policy on Offering Compassionate Use to Investigational Medicines

Melbourne, Australia, Aug. 31 2018 – Telix Pharmaceuticals Limited publishes its Policy on Offering Compassionate...
August 31, 2018

Politique d’Offre de l’Usage Compassionnel pour Médicaments Expérimentaux

Telix publie sa Politique d’Offre de l’Usage Compassionnel pour Médicaments Expérimentaux. Accédez à la politique complète...
August 31, 2018