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Detailed Program Update

MELBOURNE Australia, 09 January 2019 – Telix Pharmaceuticals Limited is pleased to provide an update on its programs....Read More
January 9, 2019

Strategy Update – Acceleration of Prostate Cancer Therapy Program

Melbourne (Australia) – 8th January 2019. Telix Pharmaceuticals Limited today announced a strategy update for...Read More
January 9, 2019


This is part of $TLX's graduate recruitment strategy. We want to track the best and brightest talent out there. We think sending Aussie superstars to @sloan_kettering for a summer of radiopharma immersion is a great investment.

Thank you @_IMNIS for the shout-out...!


OPPORTUNITY: 10-wk @sloan_kettering internship open to Australian undergrad chemistry & biology students. @TelixPharma offers a 2nd fully-funded internship to an undergrad in Australia. Due Feb 28 (not 1st): https://t.co/AqlX5DjI29 email https://t.co/WEIgS0fvxR for appln #IMNIS

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